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Hi, I’m Karen. Thanks for visiting Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York, NY. This site is about receiving Esalen® relaxation massage for pleasure and healing. I look forward to seeing you soon and invite you to book a massage. You deserve it! My studio is conveniently located in the heart of Manhattan, Greenwich Village, but you will feel like you are surrounded by the golden warmth of Esalen, California.

Esalen Relaxation Massage Services

Esalen relaxation massage makes you feel like a chocolate Buddha — at peace, sensuous, silky smooth, delighted! I offer three lengths of Esalen relaxation massage sessions at Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York. I offer a special rate for chest massage for women who are recovering from breast surgery. I also offer sexological bodywork sessions, Reiki sessions, and Polarity Therapy sessions.

What Is Esalen Relaxation Massage?

The Esalen relaxation massage experience is unique because of the connection—grounded in presence, centred in heart—that the practitioner creates with the client. Each massage is a dance between two people, evoking new sensations, deep relaxation, freedom from tension, stress, and pain, and even new states of awareness. Esalen relaxation massage was developed over the past 40 years at a very special place in Big Sur, California called Esalen.

What Is Sexological Bodywork?

Sexological bodywork is a form of somatic sex education, supporting individuals and couples to learn to direct their own erotic development, learn about their bodies, sex and sexuality, or work through sexual issues or concerns. In a sexological bodywork session, I offer experiential learning opportunities that help clients consciously access profound ecstatic and erotic states. SB involves a variety of instructive modalities, including a combination of bodywork, breathwork, education, and massage that I use to assist others in going deeper into their erotic experience.

About Your Esalen Relaxation Massage Practitioner, Karen

I love giving and receiving massage. I do believe I receive as much pleasure as my clients do during a massage session! I began massage training in 2008, in San Francisco. This is when I learned how pleasurable it is to give another person massage. In 2014, I returned to Esalen to train in the best relaxation massage on earth. I am a certified Esalen massage practitioner and a member of the Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association. I am also an attuned Reiki master and a Certified Sexological Bodyworker. More about Karen…


Esalen Relaxation Massage Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - quotes on benefits of Esalen relaxation massageThere is, from my experience, nothing to compare to a massage from Karen. One might rate massages as good, better, and best. Karen’s is the BEST. The choreography of her hands over the body is poetry in motion. Karen is a very giving masseuse who shares in the moment and gives one a feeling of complete comfort and ease. I’ve come away from a massage with Karen with a tremendous feeling of well-being and relaxation that lasts for days. For me it’s like having a mini vacation. It brushes away the everyday stressors of daily life and allows me to recharge. Experiencing a massage from Karen is one of the best things you could do for yourself. Thanks Karen. — Bruce M. Shaw, antique store owner
Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - quotes on benefits of Esalen relaxation massageKaren’s massage was heavenly. She has much warmth and love in her heart that flows through her hands. I felt I was in the presence of a masterful masseuse. My whole body relaxed into total bliss. Karen’s healing touch is an enormous gift. I’m so glad I had the good fortune of receiving her amazing care. — Davy D., life coach
Couples Sexological Bodywork Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - quotes on benefits of Sexological Bodywork for couples You set up a feeling of comfort and dispelled embarrassment which was very helpful in a first session. You listened attentively and the exercise you gave us to try was very effective. Your instructions were clear and I was aware of your supportive presence while we were doing the exercise. Throughout you were very non-judgmental and allowing. I also appreciated your emphasis on not trying to get somewhere, but instead, of doing open exploration of our present experience. It seemed as if you were inviting us into another world that you have experienced and know. — J.B., bodyworker

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  1. Good Morning. How was your weekend? Please, I need to know if you do full body massage and, do you take credit card for payment?

    1. Hi Terry,

      Thanks for writing. Yes, and yes. The Rates | Booking page provides full details on payment methods. The Massage Services page provides details on the different types of massage available.


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