How the ocean impacted the development of Esalen relaxation massage

Surging ocean - Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York


How the Pacific Ocean came to the East Coast… Esalen relaxation massage is truly a timeless massage, but it grew out of a particular time and place. The time is the past 40 or 50 years (the Esalen Institute began in 1962, with Esalen relaxation massage developing and evolving there over time), and the place is a sacred land of healing waters on the Big Sur coast of the Pacific Ocean. Much has been written about how this unique form of relaxation massage has been impacted by the ocean. What does it mean to say that the ocean is woven into Esalen relaxation massage?

Our Genetic History

As a species, we have a deep genetic history that connects us to the ocean. Our ancestral genes include genetic material from the earliest life forms that developed in the ocean. Our bodies are 50 – 65% water, and it is salty water. Tasting the sweat on your skin will quickly show you that. The womb is also a birthing place that connects us with our ocean heritage. These are some of the ways that we are connected to the ocean, and when we hear the ceaseless sound of the ocean waves, it creates a feeling of home, soothing, and safety.

Awakening the Tides Within Us

Esalen relaxation massage wakens the flow and tug of the ocean in our bodies. The flowing movement of the long strokes up and down the body awaken the fluid tides within us. The corresponding movement of our breath is like the wind that stirs and enters the surface of the waves—inside us our breath penetrates into the blood stream, bringing oxygen to every part of our body, just as the ocean is a source of oxygen for the earth. The flowing and rocking movement of Esalen relaxation massage is soothing like floating on gentle waves, being moved a little back and forth with the currents, feeling tingled and delighted by the frothing bubbles on the surface.

The Depth and Stillness of the Ocean

There is a connection with the depth and stillness of the ocean, as well as the movement and ceaselessly changing forms. This why I have chosen to use a lot of ocean photography on this website. I think that the visual imagery of the ocean water best depicts and stimulates the feeling of an Esalen relaxation massage. Of course, Manhattan is also surrounded by the ocean, so that energy infuses the island, and you will feel it during your massage with me.