Esalen relaxation massage and nudity

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Esalen massage and nudity

A lot of people have heard stories about the wild days and wild ways at Esalen. Esalen is a center for human development, with a clothing optional hot springs bathing area, and Esalen massage was developed in this environment. Perhaps you have already experienced the ultimate Esalen massage, lying on a table at the natural hot spring baths, by the cliffs overlooking the surging ocean, under the warmth of the sun or the light of the stars.

In the early days, both Esalen massage practitioner and recipient were naked. During the past several decades, the practice has changed, and the Esalen massage practitioner is clothed. The recipient is nude and lightly draped with a sheet or towel. This is how I typically practice Esalen massage at my Manhattan studio. However, let me know if you prefer to be undraped during the massage.

I first experienced Esalen massage in 2004. I had a naked soak in one of the rock pool baths filled with healing water from the hot spring, and then a beautiful woman in yoga pants and a tank top gave me a massage on a table by the cliffs. I felt embraced by the warmth of the summer sun. I could hear the waves below. I was warmed already from the soak in the healing hot waters, and the woman’s caring, heavenly massage made me melt into a dream realm of mystical color and ecstasy.

I was trained to give the massage clothed, but I have received many requests from clients who wish to have the Esalen massage experience of the sixties, where both practitioner and client were nude. I think it’s the wish to return to a freer, more innocent time. I understand that wish, and I also wish to create a safe container for you to focus on your inner experience. For this reason, I practice Esalen massage with my clothes on. 🙂

Creating a safe space for my clients

The relaxation of the massage naturally softens inhibitions and this is a beautiful thing. Boundaries can melt away during a massage. So I want you to know up front that I practice massage as trained by the Esalen Institute, and follow the ethical guidelines of the Esalen Massage and Bodywork Association. I create a safe space where you can fully let go. One of the ways I create this safe space is by having boundaries about nudity that help you focus on the pleasure of your inner experience.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about nudity and draping.