Bliss and rejuvenation from Esalen relaxation massage

Blissful Sky

My Manhattan and New Jersey clients often tell me that my Esalen relaxation massage was the best massage they have ever received. Esalen relaxation massage evokes the feelings of bliss and pleasure that are inherent in being alive, but which we sometimes lose touch with in our busy lives. I believe this bliss and pleasure is our birthright, and that we all deserve to feel this way.

One of the things that has surprised me in my practice of Esalen relaxation massage is the feelings of youthful rejuvenation that my clients experience. More than one client has commented after the massage that they felt reawakened feelings of sexual aliveness and potency that he or she thought they would never experience again. (Yes, both men and women experience this rejuvenating aliveness!)

This is the power of Esalen relaxation massage—to re-awaken all of the cells of the body, which brings a rejuvenating effect that makes people feel younger, juicy, and sexy! I love seeing my clients experience this benefit. As one client said, “It made me realize I was still sexually alive and it felt soo good!”

We all have this potential—to feel the full pleasure that our bodies are capable of, through every decade of our lives. Picasso once said it takes a long time to grow young! The possibility is always here, and Esalen relaxation massage provides one way to open this door.

I love the book Still Doing It, which promotes women’s sexual aliveness in their later years. And of course I want this for men as well!