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Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - quotes on benefits of Esalen relaxation massageI’ve tried many types of massages and did so to enjoy the mild relaxation some of them can give. There is, from my experience, nothing to compare to a message from Karen. One might rate massages as good, better, and best. Karen’s is the BEST. The choreography of her hands over the body is poetry in motion. Her attention to the amount of pressure applied and the follow-through on her caress is perfectly paced to accentuate the experience. Karen is a very giving masseuse who shares in the moment and gives one a feeling of complete comfort and ease. I’ve come away from a massage with Karen with a tremendous feeling of well-being and relaxation that lasts for days. For me it’s like having a mini vacation. It brushes away the everyday stressors of daily life and allows me to recharge. Experiencing a massage from Karen is one of the best things you could do for yourself. Thanks Karen. — Bruce M. Shaw, antique store owner
Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - quotes on benefits of Esalen relaxation massageKaren’s relaxation massage was a deep pleasure for me. The consistently slow, smooth pace of it encouraged me to breathe deeply and allowed me to slow down almost immediately. I felt cared for, attuned to, and respected in a way that was both intimate and light. The lightness really struck me—a quietly carefree energy that I sensed in the room and in Karen’s touch. It made a wonderful complement to her focus and sensitivity.

I felt trusting, at ease, and unselfconscious from start to finish. And—I woke up feeling young the next day; I actually danced for an hour in the morning! Again—a deeply pleasurable experience. Thank you, Karen! — Margit (Mog) Hesthammar, writer, teacher, transition coach
Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - quotes on benefits of Esalen relaxation massageSo far I’ve had the pleasure of three relaxation massages from Karen. While each massage was unique in its own right, the common thread to all of them has been Karen’s focus on creating a consistent, relaxing atmosphere and experience. Her attention to detail and ensuring an inviting, warm environment starts the experience. Prior to and after each massage Karen took the time to find out my current state of well-being, if there were any issues causing tension or areas of my body that were in pain.

I had not had a relaxation massage until the first experience with Karen and did not really have an idea of what to expect. Karen was wonderfully professional in explaining the process and techniques she would be using. I thought the first experience was both amazing and relaxing. I could feel the flow of energy shifting in my body ahead of her hands. I found that with the music softly playing in the background, my mind let go of the problems I normally experience and I was soon just experiencing a flow of colours and images that I would characterize as an altered state. I kept that feeling for many hours after the massage ended.

As good as the first massage was, the second was even better. I had arrived with a headache and lower back pain. I again felt the energy flow in my body changing with the movement of Karen’s hands. Her hands felt like liquid flowing over my body and turning those areas to liquid. I lost all track of time and again my mind released my worries and I experienced a deep sense of relaxation. I again experienced an altered state with a flow of colours and images that drove any other thoughts from my mind. Karen also worked on easing the pain I had in my lower back by using a knee to chest stretch and then a side twist that opened up and relaxed the area. By the time I was done I was so relaxed I didn’t want to get off the massage table.

The third massage was an extension of the second. I had arrived in a very tense state but with the consistent preparations Karen does, the atmosphere began relaxing me before the massage even started. Karen again took the time to work on opening my lower back to ease the ache that is usually with me. It was amazing that my mind could let go so quickly and I found that in following the music (which was different for every session) I experienced what I would consider a spiritual state. I felt that I was floating in a void where colours and shapes would present themselves. It was one of the most extraordinary sensory experiences I have had.

I am totally impressed with her professional approach, her liquid hands that influence so many energy changes during the massage, and the atmosphere she creates for such amazing experiences. Her massages lifted my spirit and I was calm and happy for several days after. I will return as often as possible for Karen’s amazing massage experience. — Larry Mikoda, senior project manager
Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - quotes on benefits of Esalen relaxation massageI have had the great honor of experiencing Karen’s healing hands. Karen patiently and attentively worked through my areas of concern with a deep understanding of how the body works. Her presence is calming and compassionate and allows for not only physical healing but also a catharsis of the soul. She is both professional and personable and creates a safe and peaceful environment each visit. I heartily endorse and recommend Karen. — Eva Prior, administrative officer
Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - quotes on benefits of Esalen relaxation massageI have had two relaxation massages with Karen. The massage was great from head to toe, from start to finish. Wow! I liked the long strokes, and the way Karen finished the strokes right to the ends of my limbs. I appreciated that Karen checked with me about the pressure and made sure I was comfortable. I found the massage to be very pleasurable, and felt light, uplifted, and very relaxed for some time afterwards. — Jill Schroder, writer and fitness instructor
Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - quotes on benefits of Esalen relaxation massageI’ve had two massages with Karen. The relaxation massage was incredible. It blew me away, and took me to a deep state I haven’t experienced before. Karen’s contactful pressure gave me a wonderful feeling of caring connection and relieved soreness from playing hockey. I really liked the hand work and ending the long strokes out through my hands—I could feel the tensions releasing out my fingertips. I felt the positive impacts of the massage for days afterward. The second massage was even better. I felt very content, and loved the hand work and the neck work. My sore shoulder felt good after the massage. Karen is very good at what she does, and her touch makes me feel very blessed, like royalty. — Stefan B., warehouseperson and hockey player
Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - quotes on benefits of Esalen relaxation massageMy relaxation massage with Karen was a positive and satisfying experience. She created a tranquil atmosphere, made me feel comfortable, and was completely attuned to what I needed, shifting in the moment according to my feedback. I left the session completely relaxed, both in body and mind. — Keith B., conflict coach
Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - quotes on benefits of Esalen relaxation massageOur time together was perfect from my point of view. I was so comfortable and Karen cared for all my needs so thoughtfully. I do believe her magical treatment gave me incredible staying power on a long drive the next day. Happily by that point my back had become almost completely quiet. Something I had not expected so quickly. That was the easiest trip I have made in years. The road just seemed to get shorter and shorter. I think she passed a powerful load of magic to me the day before.

In the weeks that followed, I found Karen’s massage treatment did something incredible for me. My increased flexibility was shocking. I was more supple than even when much younger and training all the time. For example, bending forward to touch my toes, I just kept going down till my hands were on the floor, easily. In recent years I would have been in agony with fascia spasm from that position. The effects from Karen’s treatment lasted approximately two months before my old habits counteracted the results of the massage. My whole body was much more relaxed and at ease. Even the nightly restless leg thing was gone. Thank you, Karen! — Donnette R., Reiki master
Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - quotes on benefits of Esalen relaxation massageMy two Esalen relaxation massages with Karen are the best I’ve ever had. They were the most relaxing, comfortable, therapeutic, and evocative of rich inner experience of any form of massage I’ve experienced. My past experience with massage has always included some pain. Karen asked me about pressure, responded to my feedback, and adjusted her touch on my sensitive calf muscles, so that I didn’t feel any pain. A first! I was clearly in good hands, and learned that tension can be invited to release, rather than “dug out.”

My overall experience was of being invited into entering my body in its most relaxed form. And what emerged were rich emotional states and finding myself in an altered and absolutely healthy state in the course of the massage and for days after. I’ve had the pleasure of reflecting on the health of my body, its tensions, and the history it holds. Wonderful! — Mike Raynolds, retired accountant
Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - quotes on benefits of Esalen relaxation massageKaren’s massage was heavenly. She has much warmth and love in her heart that flows through her hands. I felt I was in the presence of a masterful masseuse. My whole body relaxed into total bliss. Karen’s healing touch is an enormous gift. I’m so glad I had the good fortune of receiving her amazing care. — Davy D., life coach

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  1. Karen is extremely talented. While her technical competence is evident, it takes a back seat to her intuition and ability to track what is going on with the client. I am a frequent consumer of all kinds of massage, and I can honestly say I’ve never experienced one quite like this. I was a thousand miles away, and she was right there with me, managing the journey.

  2. Through the years, I’ve had many massages with different practitioners, including two at Esalen in California, and Karen’s massage was the best by far. She listened carefully to my desires for the massage and then fulfilled all my needs in an amazing way. She also opened some doors to new delightful sensations. Karen is very attractive physically and her inner beauty has an abundance of warmth, caring and support which are felt in her loving touch. Karen took me on a wonderful sensual journey which supported me for days and I will never forget.
    – Retired Manhattan resident

    1. Dear Lew, Thank you for your comments on the massage. It has been a real pleasure for me to journey together into new realms through Esalen massage. Warmly, Karen

  3. Karen is simply amazing! The two sessions I had with her were the most wonderful and powerful spiritual experiences I have ever had.

    I came to that first session with Karen saddled with feelings of shame about my body and conflicted emotions about receiving pleasure from a partner. The magic that Karen worked during that 3-hour massage and bodywork session was transformative.

    Karen has such a calming, non-judgmental, and thoughtful way about her. She made me feel so cared for, so safe. During the entire session she treated me with such genuine kindness that it had a profound effect on me. The feelings of shame about my body that I had felt for years melted away. It was that sense of safety that allowed me to let go and fall into a deep relaxation. From that place of deep relaxation she led me through an amazing journey of pleasurable sensations, powerful emotions, and amazing erotic energy. When some difficult emotions came up she was so sweet that I was able to work through them quite easily, clearing the way for me to explore without reservation sensations that gave me deep pleasure. The breathwork and powerful energy that flows through her hands made me feel such a connection to her and took me to a state of serenity that took a day and a half to come down from.

    It was that very session that started me on a path to resolving several issues including performance issues that were blocking me from a more deeply satisfying sex life.

    Karen, I said this in an email to you but I wanted to also post it publicly here as well: Thank you so much for the work that you do. It is truly a gift that you give and you are amazing at it. You are a beautiful and special person.

  4. Dear Grant,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with my readers. It has been an honor and true pleasure to work with you. I am thrilled about the changes you are making in your life.

    Warmest wishes always,

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