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“Waiting for Spring” invitation – 10% off

Esalen Sunset - Spring Special

Spring is in the air, though it’s only February. With the temperature rising in New York City, I’d like to invite you to come experience the bliss of Esalen relaxation massage. Shake off the winter blues, and be my guest while I take you to the surging Big Sur coastline. I offer you an introductory special of 10% off the regular massage fee for the massage session of your choice.

This offer extends until the first day of Spring, March 20. Contact me today to arrange one of the best experiences of a lifetime—Esalen relaxation massage!

Year of the Rooster

Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - Blog - Year of RoosterHappy New Year to all my clients, past, present, and future. Today it is the Lunar New Year, the start of the Year of the Rooster! If your plumage is feeling a little bedraggled, now would be the perfect time to come for a rejuvenating Esalen Relaxation Massage. I look forward to getting my hands on you!

Esalen relaxation massage with sensation play

Sensation Play - Blog - Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York

People often ask me what makes Esalen relaxation massage so special. Of course the signature long stroke is one of the unique aspects of Esalen massage that gives my clients a feeling of pleasure, wholeness, and well-being. And the long-form of sessions that I practice gives me a chance to pamper every part of your body, gently loosening all your joints and relaxing every muscle.

But it’s the element of surprise that comes with new and unexpected sensations that adds that little extra something for my clients. Esalen relaxation massage is non-scripted, meaning that each session is a unique interplay between me and my client. And this allows room for spontaneity and exploration of different sensations.

Some of my clients like me to tickle or spank them. And I recently read about an awesome masseusse who really knows about sensation play. She bites her clients’ backs! So this has opened up my mind to new possibilities for a massage session. I will be curious to see what happens in my next session!

I think the artwork above expresses this element of playfulness and fun so beautifully. An invitation I extend to you…

Tantric education through sexological bodywork

Sexological bodywork and tantric education

Erotic Massage

Sexological bodywork involves a combination of bodywork, breathwork, education, and massage that I use to assist others in going deeper into their erotic experience. This form of bodywork addresses some of the most intimate human emotions and experiences. You can choose sexological bodywork simply to experience deeper pleasure and expand your capacity for feeling erotic pleasure throughout your entire body.

Erotic Education

Sexological bodywork can also help people deal with issues related to sexual shame, desire, identity, and transformation. It is also a powerful tool for integrating the sexual and spiritual aspects of our being into a harmonious whole, offering the possibility of using erotic energy to open into wondrous spiritual realms.

Couples Coaching

Sexological bodywork is also a wonderful tool for couples coaching, to assist you in deepening your intimacy with your partner. I use a variety of modalities to help you reach your goals. This could include hands-on demonstration and coaching of erotic massage techniques, if appropriate. I also use other methods such as video coaching, partner exercises, and homework assignments.

Sexological Bodywork Modalities

I am a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and tantric educator. I use various modalities during a sexological bodywork session, after discussing your goals and determining the best approach for you. Possibilities include:

  • Fire on the Mountain Taoist Erotic Massage for Men
  • Fire in the Valley Taoist Erotic Massage for Women
  • Breathwork and conscious movement
  • Masturbation coaching
  • Prostate massage
  • Couples coaching
  • Post-surgical massage and healing
Contact me if you are interested in discussing the potential of sexological bodywork for meeting your unique needs.

I received my California State Board of Education certification in Sexological Bodywork through the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. I am happy to bring my training in sexual healing and embodiment to Manhattan.