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Esalen the Place

Esalen and Esalen® relaxation massage are entwined. The healing energy of the land, ocean, and big, big sky—together with the brilliant, innovative minds and spirits of the people who have been coming to the Esalen Institute over the past 40 years—interpenetrated to create this unique form of massage.

Esalen is a sacred place with healing hot springs. The amazing beauty of the Big Sur coastline makes it truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. This striking, rugged land, an hour’s drive south of Monterey, California, was the home of the Esselen Native American people. Archeological evidence indicates the Esselen people lived in this area for 6,500 years. The Esalen Institute for developing human potential is named for these people.

Esalen Relaxation Massage

The Esalen relaxation massage experience is unique because of the connection—grounded in presence, centred in heart—that the practitioner creates with the client. Each massage is a dance between two people, evoking new sensations, memories, emotions, inner awareness, pleasure, and more.

This great article describes some of the elements that make Esalen relaxation massage unique, as well as the pioneering massage practitioners who contributed to this evolving form of massage. The benefits of Esalen relaxation massage include pleasure, healing, deeper sensory awareness, reduction of stress, pain, and tension, and more.

The Esalen Baths

While most of the day the hot springs and Esalen grounds are reserved for the use of people on retreat at Esalen, in keeping with the open spirit of the land, the Esalen baths are available for public use daily from 1 am to 3 am. At this time of night the mystery of the sacred waters is the strongest. Check out this great description of moonlight bathing at Esalen by New York Times writer Thomas J. Lueck. A chord is struck between Big Sur and Manhattan.

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