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Sexological bodywork and tantric education

At Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York, in the heart of Manhattan, my goal is to help you experience the joy and pleasure of simply being. Have you ever seen dolphins frolicking in the ocean? The sheer pleasure they express through their movement in water is similar to the pleasure of feeling hands flow over your body, and feeling your own energy, presence, and aliveness moving within you. This is what you’ll feel during an Esalen® relaxation massage. The longer massage sessions that I offer allow you the time to fully experience what the depths of relaxation can bring.

Gold Standard Esalen MassageGold Standard Esalen Massage – 90 Min.

If you don’t have time for the full Deluxe Esalen Massage, the Gold Standard Esalen Massage will give you a satisfying taste of what it’s all about, from head to toes. 90 minutes of bliss will leave you feeling energized and refreshed! You just might discover you feel relaxed and happy for days afterwards. Though I must warn you, you’ll soon want to come back for more!

Deluxe Esalen MassageDeluxe Esalen Massage – 2 Hrs+

For the most satisfying feeling of relaxation you may have ever had, try the Deluxe Esalen Massage. It will take you there. I spend over two hours awakening the pleasurable sensation receptors in your body, front and back, from head to toes. With nothing to do but relax and receive, your awareness has time to expand and drop into your inner bliss body. This is truly a unique experience.

Mystical Melting MassageMystical Melting Esalen Massage – 3 Hrs

What could possibly be better than a Deluxe two-hour Esalen massage? A three-hour massage! For the most amazing massage you have ever experienced, the Mystical Melting Esalen Massage could be for you. The luxury of three hours gives us time for extra attention for your hands, feet, and face, releasing tension you might not even know you are holding, giving you a more youthful, relaxed appearance. One friend told me her husband looked 10 years younger after the massage! I call this the Mystical Melting Esalen Massage because you will feel a golden glow as every muscle in your body melts. Many people feel like they are floating after this massage, and I recommend you take a taxi or walk home afterwards. No driving!

Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York - Services - MysticalSexological Bodywork for Individuals and Couples

Sexological bodywork involves a combination of bodywork, breathwork, education, and massage that I use to assist individuals and couples in going deeper into their erotic experience. This form of bodywork addresses some of the most intimate human emotions and experiences. You can choose this form of bodywork simply to experience deeper pleasure; to deal with issues related to sexual shame, desire, identity, or transformation; to deepen your intimacy with your romantic partner; or to learn to use erotic energy to open into wondrous spiritual realms. Depending on your learning goals, we may work to develop skills over a course of several sessions. Couples sessions are typically 1 hour. Individual sessions are 90 minutes or 2 hours.

Luxury Details and Draping

I use unscented organic oils for all massages. I keep you comfortably draped with luxurious 100% cotton towels and sheets. If you do not feel comfortable receiving a massage completely nude but draped, you can keep your underwear on or even receive the massage while fully clothed. Your comfort is most important to me. Also please let me know if you prefer to be undraped during the massage.

The Impact of Esalen Relaxation Massage

Esalen relaxation massage is well known for leaving the receiver feeling whole, integrated and deeply relaxed, in a natural state of well-being. These blog posts describe different aspects of Esalen relaxation massage, and how massage impacts various aspects of our being:

Massage photos by Brice Ferré.

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