The pleasure of Esalen relaxation massage

Esalen relaxation massage for pleasure and healing
I think the reason humans have been massaging each other since time immemorial is that it just feels good. Pretty simple! I talked in a previous post about the science behind our need for touch. But here I would like to explore the pleasure of massage in a more intuitive way.

Being touched has a profound emotional as well as physical impact. Being touched makes us feel connected to another human being. It makes us feel loved. It lands us in the direct experience of our body, which means more of a focus on the pleasure of sensation, rather than our day-to-day concerns of the mind.

Spending a few hours simply focusing on different bodily sensations and stimuli is deeply relaxing and pleasurable. And it is completely natural to enjoy this pleasure by feeling sensations of sexual arousal. It is artificial to separate sexual pleasure from any other type of physical pleasure. I want my clients to feel completely comfortable with any sensations that might arise during an Esalen relaxation massage session at my Manhattan studio. It is very common for men and women to feel sexual arousal as part of the sensual pleasure of an Esalen relaxation massage. If this happens, please don’t worry about it. I think it’s wonderful. I hope you will simply enjoy it. And perhaps learn that your entire body can be a source of this type of pleasure. How delightful!

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  1. Thanks for this entry, Karen. I’ve felt embarrassed about this in the past with other women. You make me feel very comfortable.

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