What is Esalen relaxation massage?

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Esalen® relaxation massage is a holistic form of massage that integrates body, mind, and spirit. The signature of Esalen relaxation massage is long, slow, sensual strokes up and down the entire length of your body, which creates the sense of integrating all the parts of your being. My Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York clients usually say they have never experienced a stroke like this, and they love the sensation of having all the parts of their body integrated into a feeling of wholeness.

Feeling safe and cared for

Esalen relaxation massage involves creating safety for the client, so that the autonomic nervous system can relax and let go, allowing you to become aware of deeper levels of experience. This is achieved by me attending to your warmth, comfort, and particular body needs on a given day, as well as by asking you for feedback about how you are experiencing the pressure, depth of touch, and so on. I invite my clients to experience the force of gravity through my touch, during both static and moving strokes, which creates a feeling of comfort and safety by speaking to a more primitive part of the brain. Through cradling and lifting strokes, you learn to surrender muscular control to the practitioner, creating a deep sense of being cared for.

My Manhattan studio space is warm and soothing, with an atmosphere of comfort that invites deep relaxation.

The practice of presence

I cultivate a deep sense of presence in my own body and awareness, which your body senses and responds to. Through this practice of presence, I attune to you in a deep way, giving the massage with rather than on you, in a responsive way that can be playful and fun or nurturing and soothing. The massage happens as an arising between me and you, not as a mechanical process of something being done to your body.

Holding the space

The massage is mostly done in silence, allowing you to truly tune in to your felt experience, and often the client becomes so relaxed that you can go into an altered state of awareness that is deeper than ordinary mind. Or you might doze off for a little while. Memory and emotion is stored in the muscle and nervous system, so this material can sometimes surface during the massage, when you feel supported and safe enough for this to happen. I “hold the space” by being present and comfortable with the client’s emotional release. This is another way that the Esalen relaxation massage helps you integrate different aspects of your being through physical touch.

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