What makes Esalen relaxation massage so relaxing?

Relaxation effect of Esalen relaxation massage


Some people wonder what makes Esalen relaxation massage more relaxing than other forms of massage. My Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York clients are often in such a deep state of relaxation that it is hard for them to turn over at the midway point! One friend’s wife said he looked years younger when he came home after the massage. This was due to the tensions and cares of life dropping away during the time spent in a non-verbal state of focusing on pleasurable physical sensations. A lot of our wrinkles come from unintentionally holding our face in particular tension patterns. With deep relaxation, we let go of that holding for a while.

Causes of Relaxation

I think there are a few different reasons why Esalen relaxation massage is so relaxing:
  • It is nice to spend a few hours receiving pleasurable massage. Pretty basic! We are built to enjoy touch, perhaps as an evolutionary mechanism to promote bonding between humans. Many of us don’t receive enough touch in our busy modern lives. When the body starts to receive the touch it craves, it begins to relax immediately.
  • Just setting aside the time away from the non-stop demands of your life can allow an immediate shift into relaxation. Have you ever had the experience of laying down on a massage table, even for physio or other medical massage, and felt like you were sinking into the table? Knowing that you have a certain amount of time with no demands, no phone calls, texts, and emails, gives the body the message that it is okay to let go.
  • Esalen relaxation massage is designed to invite and allow a body to relax, through a gentle tuning in between the recipient’s body and the practitioner’s body. The practitioner begins with rocking and gentle pressure to let the recipient’s body know it is safe to relax and trust the practitioner.
  • The integrating effect of the massage that comes from receiving conscious touch repeatedly from head to toe, front and back, as well as detailed massage on the limbs, back, upper chest, neck, head, and face makes the whole body feel like it belongs.
  • The massage practitioner’s state of presence invites a similar heightened sense of presence in the receiver’s body. This presence is both enlivening and relaxing.
  • The massage practitioner spends time on the specific areas where each unique client experiences tension, whether it’s the neck, shoulders, or some other area of the body. Each Esalen relaxation massage is attuned and responsive to the needs of the individual client, bringing optimum relaxation for that person.
  • The massage studio at Esalen Relaxation Massage NYC New York is an environment that brings a soothing sense of relaxation from the moment you walk into the room, with soft lighting, quiet music, warm colors, and a relaxing vibe. An urban oasis in the heart of Greenwich Village, Manhattan!